Arcola Theatre Renovations and New Box Office Hours

Arts Council England has awarded Arcola Theatre £1 million in capital funding (in addition to their support of our artistic and creative learning programmes) to undertake the most urgently required works to improve the function, comfort and accessibility of the building.

From June – October 2012, Arcola Theatre productions will be relocated to (more)

Arcola Tent at 2 Ashwin Street. After the final performance of Brimstone and Treacle (2 June 2012) – the Arcola Theatre building will be closed to the public as rennovations begin.

ARCOLA TENT BOX OFFICE HOURS from 3 June until October:

  • You will only be able to book ADVANCE SALES tickets by phone (12.30 – 6pm, Monday- Saturday) or online 24hours a day at
  • Ticket COLLECTION at Arcola Tent from 5.30pm on performance days.