4 August – 7 August 2021

Wagner’s epic of gods, monsters and power comes to Grimeborn 2021 in a new production by Julia Burbach and Peter Selwyn.

6 August 2021

Kim 2.0 is a one woman comedy show that explores the trappings of gender, its impacts on adolescent development and its effect on a young girl through the lens of dance culture.

8 August 2021

Telling the story of lesbian student Regi and gay journalist Babs, this play explores the treatment of LGBTQIA+ people in Nigeria and different types of love.

9 August – 21 August 2021

When statues have more legal protection than a living woman and demonstrations can be banned on a whim where are spaces to thrive and dissent? Mark Thomas returns to the Arcola with a new show exploring what to do in the face of a state outlawing annoyance.

9 August 2021

The ‘cabaret kings’ William Ludwig and Dean Austin return with an exploration of resistance in music – through the satirical songs of the Berlin Cabarets, protest songs from Latin America and more.

11 August – 12 August 2021

With beautiful live music and heart-warming shadow puppetry from a world-class ensemble, Anytime The Wind Can Change is a unique cabaret night of lonely giants, comets and compassion.

17 August – 22 August 2021

the wonderful’s debut show is the astonishing untold story of environmental pioneer Rachel Carson. Combining multimedia invention with poetic power and audacious storytelling, Nevergreen speaks directly to our current moment.

18 August – 21 August 2021

Set in a coastal town in northern England, Scab explores the themes of trauma, family and loneliness through the story of an alienated young man’s fateful encounter with a stranger.

25 August – 29 August 2021

Returning to Grimeborn for the fourth time, Ensemble OrQuesta’s returns with an innovative interpretation of Handel’s compelling opera of desire, power and rage. 

1 September – 4 September 2021

The beautiful and haunting music of Claude Debussy tells the story of two very different women living with cancer.

5 September – 8 September 2021

This unique double bill, combining a well-loved favourite with an operatic rarity, that share a common theme: a search for love and inspiration in a dangerous world.