When You Pass Over My Tomb in Rehearsals

In just one week, the much-anticipated,  When You Pass Over My Tomb will open its doors to tell a tale that transcends the boundaries of love and passion even in the afterlife. Brought to you by the critically acclaimed team, Sergio Blanco and Daniel Goldman, who are returning to the Arcola Theatre after the success of their OFFIE award winning productions of Thebes Land and The Rage of Narcissus. Desire, friendship, and eroticism intertwine in this dazzling new play that asks how far would you go for love? And will the world allow it?

Danny Scheinmann, photo credit Charles Flint.

This production from one of the world’s most performed living Spanish-language playwrights is a darkly comic meditation on how we live and how we die; the story of a writer who makes the incredible decision to give his body another life after death.

I remember thinking, what difference is there between donating my body to science and donating it to someone who might find pleasure in it when I’m dead.” -WYPOMT

You can expect dynamic performances from our ensemble of three. Al Nedjari plays Sergio (Coronation Street, co-founder of Gecko). Danny Scheinmann will be Doctor Godwin (Boat Story and The World Will Tremble; bestselling author of Random Acts of Heroic Love) and Charlie MacGechan is Khaled (The World Will Tremble & Pennyworth (HBO, Warner Bros))This mesmerising story of love and lust beyond the grave plays from 7 February – 2 March in Studio 1, tickets from £10.