Arcola offers double-price tickets for Trump voters on US election night

Arcola Theatre has announced a special offer for eligible voters in the US presidential election. At the 8th November (election night) performance of DRONES, BABY, DRONES, Trump voters will be able to purchase tickets for £38 each – twice the standard price.

“The decision over the next US president is a monumental one,” said Artistic Director Mehmet Ergen. “We want to give those prepared to back Mr Trump the recognition they deserve.”

The special pricetag, which is available to men and women equally, includes all federal taxes, eliminating the need for Trump supporters to avoid them. Tickets may be paid for by cash, card or by the Mexican government.

Mr Ergen is directing DRONES, BABY, DRONES – two urgent new plays about the USA’s drone wars – with Nicolas Kent, former Artistic Director of the Tricycle Theatre.

“All of the Trump supporters in London are welcome to claim this special 1-for-the-price-of-2 offer,” he said. “It’s a beautiful deal, folks.”

2 thoughts on “Arcola offers double-price tickets for Trump voters on US election night”

  1. Love it! We’ve already booked for 8 Nov. Will we have to bring proof that we’re not voting for Trump, to avoid having to pay extra? 🙂

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