Yasmeen Audisho Ghrawi presents

from the daughter of a dictator: Work in Progress

Written and performed by Yasmeen Audisho Ghrawi

The sun has set on this World out-of-Order.
It is very dark, and your eyes have forgotten how to see.
The being you will witness is your guide.
Remain seated, listen carefully, it may save your life.
Your tolerance of the tragic hilarity of power will be tested, so will your feelings about governments and fake truths about our collective existence.
You and Britain will receive a ferocious message of love and a shameless beckoning to blow open the borders of your imagination.
Any attempts at contacting a pre-pandemic world order will return a ‘404 Error’.
It is imperative to attend with relaxed jaws and empty bellies.
This is the closest you have come to a dictator, or so you believe.

Queer Iraqi/Syrian/Assyrian performer and theatre-maker Yasmeen Audisho Ghrawi lived and cautiously thrived under a dictatorship for almost two decades, now provocatively and flirtatiously questions how truly democratic the UK is. Do we, the people, have any power and do we even want it?

This show is part of Arcola’s festival of outdoor art and performance, Today I’m Wiser. Explore the full programme → 

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