Peculiar Hand presents

Anytime The Wind Can Change

Music by Benjamin Yellowitz, Text by Alex Podger

Directed by Alex Podger

“Luck is a lot like the wind – we can’t see it directly, but we can see what it buffets and blows around. And like the wind, luck can change at a moment’s notice…”

Two giants fall in love across a vast sea, sending messages to each other on the wings of birds. In the wake of the unexpected, cracks start to appear. Naut and Astrid float closer together as their people drift further apart – but in the darkest hours we often find the best of humanity.

After touring to bereft audiences last year, Peculiar Hand brings their unique cabaret evening of live music, heart-warming folklore and beautiful shadow puppetry to Arcola.

With an acoustic concert from the brilliant Benjamin Yellowitz, Anytime The Wind Can Change uses age-old shadow puppetry techniques and contemporary music to tell an uplifting, urgent and original story of lonely giants, comets and compassion.

This show is part of Arcola’s festival of outdoor art and performance, Today I’m Wiser. Explore the full programme → 

The health and wellbeing of our audiences is an absolute priority for us. Please have a read of the measures we’ve put in place to keep you safe.