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Theatre on a Postcard

Whether we’re on holiday, visiting an unfamiliar place or taking some time out of daily life, since the 1800s we have been sending postcards to our loved ones. 

While we are unable to travel to new places through a visit to the theatre, we’re inviting our audiences and partners to send us a postcard in response to the question: What are you looking forward to when theatres reopen?

To add yours to our collection, follow these steps:
1. On a postcard or a postcard sized piece of paper, respond to our question: What are you looking forward to when theatres reopen?
2. Respond as creatively as you wish. You could paint a picture, write a few words, a poem or a monologue, as long as it fits onto a 6×4 size postcard. 
3. If you would like your name to be part of Theatre on a Postcard, please add your name.
5. You can either send it to us in the post at: Theatre on a Postcard, Arcola Theatre, 24 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL or send a digital postcard (a photo or scan) by email to, with the subject heading ‘Theatre on a Postcard.’

We are still here, we miss you all, and we cannot wait to return! 

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