Sweet Smell of Success seduces spellbound critics

“What London has been missing, a great, new, old-fashioned American musical.” Classical Source

” a well-honed and stylish show, and lovers of the 1950s period and the New York jazz scene of the era will find much to enjoy in this tale of the seedy world of gossip journalism. With a good cast firing on all cylinders, Ergen’s production breathes life into a good, if not flawless musical.” Entertainment Focus ★★★★

“An emotional roller coaster guaranteed to keep you spellbound for the evening.” Morning Star

“The exposed steelwork and bare bricks of the Arcola, combined with Mark Bailey’s simple yet inventive monochrome design and David Howe’s dynamic lighting, conjures perfectly the smoky world of the jazz clubs and backstreets of fifties New York where all the glitz is undercut by brutal violence.” FourthWall Magazine ★★★★

“With its intimate setting, tight pacing and surprisingly pleasing choreography, this production never bores” Fringe Review

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