Humane: Episode 6

The season finale! The protestors are shocked when one of their number dies suddenly. But what really happened? Who is responsible for his death? What secrets lie in hidden in his past? As Alice and Linda, begin to pursue these questions, they realise they don’t know each other as well as they thought they did…

1995: Brightlingsea, a small port in rural Essex.Two women, Alice and Linda, wake up to find lorries thundering through their town, carrying live animals in horrendous conditions for export. Although from very different worlds, the pair unite to try to stop the lorries. They become unlikely friends, facing arrest and police brutality amidst the protests, while also dealing with the pressures of motherhood. When one of their group dies, things start to unravel, as they face the differences between them. Timely and lyrical, Humane is a new six-part audio drama about activism, friendship and motherhood and the values that unite and divide us.

Starring Marcia Lecky (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time), Francesca Isherwood (The Worst Witch, The Catherine Tate Show), and Dr Who star, Louise Jameson, this is a timely and urgent story about animal rights, community and the issues that divide and connect us.

Cast and crew
Written by Polly Creed
Directed by Imy Wyatt Corner
Produced by True Name Productions and John Ainsworth 
Sound design – David Roocroft
Original music by Tingying Dong
Alice – Marcia Lecky
Linda – Francesca Isherwood
Bev – Louise Jameson
Em – Rose Reade
Michael – Esmonde Cole
Beryl – Margaret Ashley
Mark – Luke Barton
Ralph -Graham Seed
Other parts played by members of the cast.