Arcola renovations taking shape

It may not look like it from the outside, but things are taking shape inside the Arcola.

The second entrance has been opened up. New floors are being poured as we speak. Underfloor heating is being installed. Staircases are being built . Walls have been shotblasted to expose and clean the brickwork. 1000s of bricks have been reused to build new walls in new locations. Parts for the new toilets, fittings for dressing rooms, and furniture for the bar are on order. The new wood-burning boiler is arriving in early October.

In our renovations we are installing systems which may not always be visible to visitors, but help make the theatre more comfortable and user-friendly. They also help move Arcola towards being the world’s first carbon neutral theatre.

They include:

  • a waste-wood burning boiler
  • natural ventilation using
  • an LED-lighting system using energy from our solar panels
  • water-saving toilets

For more information on these features and the technology behind them see our Green Renovations Flyer (PDF).