Arcola launches Jeannie’s Theatre Conversations

Arcola is introducing a series of Saturday afternoon post-show discussions, chaired by Jeannie Farr.

Jeannie has been an active member of Arcola’s community, including as a volunteer usher, and a passionate supporter of the theatre since it first opened in 2000.

Previously she was a drama teacher, a community theatre practitioner, and an advocate for the performing arts with the charity Friends of Theatre. She is passionately interested in the challenges presented to artists in the creation of their work, and to audiences in their experience of new stories and ideas.

Now, Jeannie will be discussing these and other topics after the first Saturday matinee of every production in Studio 1. It’s part of Arcola’s commitment to opening up the process of seeing and making theatre.

Jeannie Farr said: “A theatrical performance is a shared experience between audiences and practitioners which is part of a shared conversation about our world. I hope these post-show discussions can be a way of continuing and refining that conversation, for the interest and enlightenment of all.”

The first of Jeannie’s Theatre Conversations will focus on Kenny Morgan, following the matinee performance this Saturday, 24th September.