A string of Offie nominations for Arcola

The Spanish Golden Age Season  is one of the productions dominating this year’s Offie nominations, as is Up In Arm’s Visitors, with a total of 9 nominations between them.

3 of the Best Female Actor nominations are for Arcola performers with 2 of our Spanish Golden Age season ensemble members competing against each other (Francis McNamee for Punishment Without Revenge, Katie Lightfoot for Don Gil, Linda Bassett for Visitors). It’s the same in the Best Supporting Male category (Simon Scardifield for Punishment Without Revenge, Chris Andrew Mellon for Don Gil). In the Best Director category Laurence Boswell (A Lady of Little Sense, also nominated for Best Production) and Alice Hamilton (Visitors) are up against each other. Visitors is also nominated for Best Male Actor (Robin Soans) and Best New Play (Barney Norris).