Zenzi Zenzi: The Pursuit

Adam Marvel

“Zenzi Zenzi: The Pursuit” is a new physical theatre piece by Adam Marvel, which explores two overlapping stories of possibility. The stories are told in vivid colours, pulsing with opportunity and exclamation.

“Zenzi Zenzi” is a play focused on relationships; a play focused on the rapid changes that can push internal and external trust to the very limits; a play in which five characters strive- individually and collectively- for commitment and passion.

Robert Smallwood (RSC and Shakespeare Centre) has said, “[Adam Marvel’s] performance is comedic genius with touches of pathos and anger.”
A full-blown sensory experience, “Zenzi Zenzi” sends you out of the theatre ready to pounce on life!

“Zenzi Zenzi: The Pursuit” has been sponsored by Theatreworks Development, endeavoring to offer young international physical theatre practitioners an entry into the London theatre scene.

Adam Marvel

Adam Marvel

Adam Marvel is a young artist hailing from the mountains of central Idaho. He received an acting degree from Oberlin College and Conservatory, and completed, with distinction, the professional programme at the School of Physical Theatre. Adam Marvel has performed throughout the USA and the UK, as well as in the US Virgin Islands. Past roles include leading in Shepard’s “Savage/Love” and Mamet’s “All Men Are Whores;” dancing for BBC Interactive; and collaborating with Harif Ovalle and Myung Hee Han in the creation of two visual theatre spectacles. Adam Marvel’s previous performances have been commended by the likes of Tali Pelman (Gate Theatre), Roger Copeland (Theatre and Dance Critic), and Robert Smallwood (Shakespeare Centre). “Zenzi Zenzi: The Pursuit” is his first full length piece to be shown in London.

Jo Marvel

Jo Marvel received a B.A. in Theatre and Spanish from Grinnell College and is an alumna of the National Theatre Institute and St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy. Beyond performing in the award-winning “Superbowl and Other Stories” at various Fringe Theatre Festivals and at the Cincinnati Playhouse, she has taught theatre workshops across the U.S., traveled with the puppet troupe Binixiflat Teatre de Titelles in Barcelona, Spain; been a member of the improv group The Ritalin Test Squad (‘01-‘05), and worked as a river guide on the Salmon and American rivers. Her one act play, “Observe for Half a Minute”, received a staged reading at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center in the spring of 2004. She arrives in London straight from completing a critically acclaimed U.S. tour of “By2,” her dynamic two-woman storytelling piece.