Writing and Visualising for the Stage provides a workshop arena for writers with some experience of other of media and platforms to venture from print, web, screen, performance, spoken word, installations and mixed-media into developing dramatic material for the theatre. Over the course of six-weeks, participants will take the journey from story and characters, through genre and form, to structure and progressions, via table reads and improvisations. The collaborative approach encourages peer learning and engaging with the work in development as both ‘actors’ and ‘audience’. Tailored exercises and a listening environment provide the breathing space for individual writing, reflection and discovery.

Each two-hour workshop will involve a mixture of individual and group work, including creative exercises, incisive questions, role play, table reads among other approaches to promoting creativity. Over the course of the six weeks, participants will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of writing for the stage and an appreciation for the dramaturgical and practical considerations in drafting and revising their own material. No previous experience of writing for live performance is required, though participants will be asked to submit a writing sample or link to their work prior to the first session as a means of introducing themselves to the facilitator and giving her a chance to get to know the group through the stories they’ve been telling.

This workshop is led by writer, producer and dramaturg Margaret Glover.

Friday November 3 – Friday December 8 8pm-10pm


Margaret Glover trained as a dramaturg at Yale School of Drama and began her career in the American theatre before moving to London and a decade in UK television as writer, script editor and producer. From 2008-13, Margaret taught screenwriting and producing at the London Film School and oversaw development through delivery of MA graduation films. Current free-lance collaborations draw on the range of her experience and include projects with Intermission Youth Theatre here in London and several international writer-directors in development on their first features.  

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