New Earth Theatre and Storyhouse in association with Arcola Theatre present


Written by Joanne Lau

Directed by Mingyu Lin

Hours before their mother’s funeral, the Yeung siblings gather in the family home for the first time in years, only to discover their inheritance is missing. With seemingly only £44 cash to her name and her house due to be repossessed, where has all the money gone? Tensions escalate as they race to find it, uncovering ugly truths and shocking family secrets along the way.

Inspired by true events, WORTH takes a darkly comic look at family loss and sibling rivalry. Straddling two cultures, this biting new comedy asks the question – where do you put your worth?

Content warning: Contains themes of death and generational trauma. References to child abuse, sexual abuse and drug misuse. This play also includes loud noises and swearing.

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