Alex Critoph and Laura Dickens present

Women’s Writes

Created and curated by Alex Critoph

Women’s Writes is a festival of new writing showcasing female voices. The aim of the evening is to promote female-identifying playwrights and stories with female-driven narratives. Prepare to see 8 ten-minute plays with complex, intricate female characters who don’t stick to any of those boring archetypal forms!

Dutty Wine
by Nicole Latchana
Directed by Leah Fogo

Pink Eye
by Trudy Hodgson
Directed by TBC

What the Dolls Saw
by Nic Lamont
Directed by Leah Fogo

by Farah Najib
Directed by Becky Harrison

Madison High
by Alex Critoph
Directed by Laura Jayne Bateman

The Labyrinth Diet
by Laura Horton
Directed by Alex Critoph

Trapped in Colour
by Rasheka Christie
Directed by Nkechyere Nwobani-Akanwo

by Catherine Kolubayev
Directed by Zyrenka Cox