Woman in the Moon

Julia Pascal

Fritz Lang’s great silent movie Frau im Mond premiered in 1929 and gave the world its first celluloid space travel fantasy. The film had an enormous impact on German rocket scientists, most notably Werner Von Braun, the brains behind the 1969 US space mission. But Von Braun’s achievement caused the deaths of thousands of slave labourers in Camp Dora where V1 and V2 rockets were constructed as Hitler’s secret weapon to crush the British.

Pascal’s new play explores the connection between today’s technologies, such as the mobile phone, and their links with the pilotless planes that killed the British, as the war was drawing to a close, death machines that would eventually be the prototype for the race over the moon.

Julia PascalJulia Pascal’s other works include the Holocaust Trilogy (New End), Yiddish Queen Lear (Southwark Playhouse) and most recently London Continental (tour).
The play is based on testimonies from French, German and Austrian Dora survivors.