By Toby Davies after Saki
Directed by Thomas Hescott

Beauty is only sin deep

Enter the offbeat world of Saki – one of the twentieth century’s greatest satirists. It’s a world full of macabre, acid and very funny characters, a world that drives a knife into upper class Edwardian life.

Saki ridicules the follies of the society around him, follies still all too clearly recognisable today.



Designed by Maureen Freedman
Lighting designed by Richard Howell
Sound and music by Tim Digby-Bell
Movement Dean Burke



Jeremy Booth (Anatol, Death at a Funeral)
Gus Brown (Mitchell and Web, Headlong’s Faustus)
Anna Francolini (Anatol, Oliver nomination for Caroline or Change – NT)
Sarah Moyle (Extras – BBC)

Toby Davies is one of the UK’s most up and coming comedy writers whose work includes Mitchell and Webb for the BBC and the hit musical Spittin’ Distance for the Stephen Joseph Theatre. He expertly weaves Saki’s stories together to create a ghoulish, unexpected world of characters no less potent or controversial today than they were one hundred years ago.

Writers like Davies are the shot in the arm that British theatre needs.” The Guardian

“Thomas Hescott’s production does well to evoke the smart and chic purlieus of Edwardian high society in the Arcola cellar-like studio space.Metro

 “Toby Davies’ adaptation handles interlocking sketches with wit and skill, so that recurring characters are greeted with chuckles of recognition, like the familiar grotesques of some terrifying extended family.”
London Theatre Blog

“This is social satire with its claws safely trimmed…” London Theatre Blog

By Toby Davies after Saki
Directed by Thomas Hescott