Arcola Academy

Used Blood Junkyard

Alberto Villarreal Translated by Simon Scardifield

Directed by: Laura Keefe

“What does art mean to most people nowadays? Auctions. And the occasional robbery on the front page. Art used to be the son of lechery, of greed, of unbounded pleasure, but that’s all history, we’re superfluous now, we produce diversions for people who need something to do before they go back to the hotel to be filmed in secret” – Làzaro

Làzaro and his mates are ‘art terrorists’… Can anything stop their killing spree?

Làzaro, artist, philosopher and heir to a major communications company is disillusioned with life, art, family and politics. With a group of fellow artists and powerful friends, Làzaro decides to perform a series of actions against theatres, museums and art institutions, to rid society of everyone who gave up living a long time ago.

Featuring cameos from everyone from Einstein to Santa Claus and commenting on national identity, manipulation, pop culture, mass communication and the aesthetics of violence, Used Blood Junkyard reflects our modern society and asks us to question how much we are willing to put up with and what we are willing to do about it.
Used Blood Junkyard was originally developed as part of Arena Mexico, a long term workshop with the Royal Court Theatre and Mexican playwrights between 2004-2005.

Part of Arcola Creative Engagement Winter Festival 2014

Monday – Thursday at 8.00pm – £9 (£7 concessions)

Recommended for ages 16+