Pop Up Opera

Une Education Manquée

Directed by: Isabelle Kettle

“Mais non, mille fois non! Ça ne suffit pas!”

After a sold-out performance at Wilderness Festival 2016, Pop Up Opera present Emmanuel Chabrier’s rarely-performed Une Éducation Manquée for one night only.

Set in the time of Louis XVI, Une Éducation Manquée is a deliciously madcap and witty 45-minute French operetta. It is the tale of two teenaged newly-wed aristocrats, flummoxed by the expectations of their wedding night and by what it means to be husband and wife. Follow the would-be “lovers” through useless adult advice and discover the only combination that can truly bring them together: thunder, hormones, and a loose nightgown.

Sung in the original French, Pop Up’s take on this zany soupçonne is directed by Isabelle Kettle, with musical direction by William Cole.