Time for Tea – World Mental Health Day in association with Time for Change

A selection of poets, performances, films and readings to enlighten and delight (more) 


















Studio Upstairs Performance Group: Just a Flicker of Light and You’re Out. Seven participants who experience mental heath issues articulate the issues of identity, belonging and living in inner London. The group uses a mixture of playback, forum and tradition performance to create pieces.

Company Paradiso: WARNING May Contain Nuts
Poems and comedy by the mentally interesting of Company Paradiso, straight from the Brighton Comedy Festival. Company Paradiso’s mission is: to work creatively with people to enable them to tell their stories.

http://www.companyparadiso.co.uk. ‘Both food for thought and more than enough laughs’ The Independent ****

Ben Abell: an extract from his forthcoming book
Set in a hospital for the mentally ill where the narrator/protagonist is an inmate. The narrative is a writing therapy exercise, that a doctor has encouraged the narrator to practice for his cure – but it soon becomes a record of extraordinary events where the line between sanity/madness and reality/fantasy are crossed and blurred.

Badger (short film)
A darkly funny animated documentary about a comic book artist using creativity to overcome mental health difficulties. Badger is a 4-5 minute animated documentary short film, inspired by Badger, a comic book character created by Howard Hardiman. It’s the story of a little melancholic badger who lives and mopes about in Brockley, struggling with existence in the big city.

Sunday 14 October

4pm – 5.35pm

Arcola Theatre Bar

Free Entry