The Unconquered

By Torben Betts


Powerful poetic language, dark humour and provocative ideas build a fast moving story around a fiercely intelligent young girl and her relentless refusal of the establishment. When suddenly a people’s revolution breaks out and a mercenary soldier intrudes the family home, the conflict between the regime and the unconquered girl is revealed.

Under the direction of Muriel Romanes (The Memory of Water) and with a striking set designed by visual artist Keith McIntyre, an ensemble of high profile actors will draw you into a surreal and compelling theatrical experience. The Unconquered follows Torben Betts’ most recent successes in London with The Lunatic Queen and The Biggleswades

By Torben Betts

‘….An explosive, brilliantly daring new play… Betts is an uncommonly talented playwright.’ – Time Out