Written and Directed by Tom Murphy

Designed by Monica Frawley

Lighting Design by Ben Ormerod

Cast: Kate Brennan, Declan Conlon, Bosco Hogan & Robert O’Mahoney

The Guardian and The Sunday Times – Critic’s choice

“Tom Murphy’s extraordinary, brooding play… in a fine production directed by the author”

The Guardian

“An excellent new production by the author”

The Times

“The Sanctuary Lamp is an intelligent and witty reflection on the nature of humanity.”

“as heady as incense”

The Times★★★★

“Wonderful skittering dialogue and triumphant antique storytelling”

“It is a privilege to watch a play in the form intended
by its author, and the purpose of the writing is clear
as a result. The play is funny and bleak, hopeful and
apocalyptic, enlightening and mysterious”

Hackney Gazette

And praise for the cast…

“Robert O’Mahoney, Declan Conlon, Kate Brennan and Bosco Hogan perform admirably a play likely to haunt one for months to come.”

The Guardian

“Beautifully played by Robert O’Mahoney”

“Declan Conlon’s adamantly atheistic Francisco is flawless”

“Kate Brennan plays the broken Maudie with wide-eyed simplicity”

Hackney Gazette

Three people locked in a Catholic Church for the night: An ex-circus strongman who prays to the Sanctuary Lamp for strength, a run-away waif haunted by her past and an Irish blackguard…

Tom Murphy directs this revival of his own play for b*spoke theatre company. Described by the Guardian as one of Irish theatre’s “proudest possessions”, Murphy has been a major influence on a generation of Irish theatre makers and his distinctive voice remains a major force in the contemporary repertory.

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Arcola Theatre presents b*spoke theatre company’s production.

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