The Roman Bath
By Stanislav Stratiev
In a version by Justin Butcher

Director: Russell Bolam

Designer: Jean Chan

Lighting Designer: Tim Mascall
Composer: Gary Yershon

Movement Director: Clare McKenna
Casting: Lucy Jenkins

Sound Designer: Tom Gibbons

‘Russell Bolam’s production has phenomenal energy. Stratiev, who
died in 2000, emerges as a fascinating writer who realised that comedy is ultimately
the best weapon for subverting state power’.


‘An engaging, pungent satire on finding yourself stateless in your own

Whats on stage

‘The whole company give it tremendous vitality and play it throughout with
tremendous energy. It is certainly funny!’

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Cast includes Ifan Meredith (Ivan Antonov), Bo Poraj
(Vasilev), Rhona Croker (Martha), Lloyd Woolf
(Lifeguard), Christopher Hogben, Jonathan Rhodes,
David Schaal, Wendy Wason and Richard

Ivan returns from a trip to the seaside to find his home torn apart. Builders have unearthed a lost treasure beneath his floorboards: an ornate bath dating back to Roman times. As the excavation destroys his flat, professors, businessman with dodgy Swiss connections, local councillors, reporters and even the national union of lifeguards set up camp. Everyone wants to claim the discovery – while all Ivan wants is some peace.

A ferociously paced satire about where the little man stands, and sleeps, The Roman Bath sees the first UK production of the work of Bulgaria’s great comic writer Stanislev Stratiev.

Presented by Gologan Productions

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