Based on Le Soldat Inconnu Vivant by Jean-Yves Le Naour (Hachete Litterature 2002)
Devised by Simple 8, inspired by a true story.

A man that can’t remember. A nation that can’t forget.

France, 1918. A soldier is found wandering a station platform. With no knowledge of his identity, or the country he has been defending, he is saved from death but exiled from life. What follows is a war story, a ghost story, an absurd comedy and a chilling tragedy in which the ensemble rise from a no-man’s land of
mud to imagine and remember the life of the living unknown soldier.

This groundbreaking production is pioneering new ways of theatre making, using a hydrogen fuel cell to power the production and working closely with Arcola Energy to try and create ecologically sustainable production processes.

With a Green Gala Night by the UK’s only eco-entertainment company, BASH Creations,

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Simple8 was formed in June 2003 by eight professional actors, writers and directors. We decided to take control of our own creative work and combine our talents to take drama in a direction we believe in. That is, towards innovative, original productions which have at their core an emphasis on the ensemble, while allowing the narrative, the characters and above all, the story to dictate the style of the piece. Simplicity, truth and the collective are our reference points. We want to produce simple stories, simply told.

Praise for Les Enfants du Paradis:

***** The Times “Critics’ Choice”

**** Evening Standard

**** The Independent

“Theatre Choice” -The Week

“A triumph of a teaming classic”- The Daily Telegraph

“The cast work supremely well together, changing and exchanging roles seamlessly each giving their unknown solider particular characteristics.” – British Theatre Guide

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Strawberry Vale Productions has enjoyed three successful productions at the Arcola since its foundation in 2006. It has established itself as an innovative creative production company at the forefront of the London fringe. SVP is dedicated to providing and showcasing the most exciting new writers, directors and theatre companies in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. Past productions include Notes from Underground by Dostoyevsky (Arcola), Mojo Mickybo by Owen McCafferty (Arcola/Trafalgar Studios) and LIMBO by Declan Feenan with Real Circumstance (Edinburgh Fringe/York Theatre Royal/Arcola).

We are very grateful for above image, which comes from the Imperial War Museum’s huge collections, which cover all aspects of conflict involving Britain and the Commonwealth since the start of the twentieth century. Imperial War Museum

The Royal British Legion provides financial, social and emotional support to millions who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, and their dependants. Nearly 10.5 million people are eligible for their support and they receive thousands of calls for help every year. We are very fortunate to have their support and we will be holding an exclusive Gala Night in aid of the British Legion in February.