The Four Seasons

Arnold Wesker


Arnold Wesker’s The Four Seasons

In a remote and deserted house, Adam and Beatrice, both scarred by their previous relationships, agree to commit one year to each other. As the seasons change, the lovers uncover painful truths about themselves. Hoping to break free from the past and to start afresh, they push apart their world to test the limits of their own relationship.


In the midst of the ‘angry young men’ and the height of social realism, Arnold Wesker wrote The Four Seasons, a humanist hymn to the ephemeral power of love, the absence of which “diminishes and distorts all action”.  

“The performance of Juliet Crawford presages a real new talent; like a rare butterfly, we watch her emerge from a cocooned silence of her pain, only for her passion to transform her again into a sneering jealousy.” Emma John, Timeout

“Dora Wade’s design is ingenious.” Emma John, Timeout

“Richard Darbourne has a very male, yet tender charm and zips through his complex speeches with clarity and intelligence.” Kieron Quirke, Evening Standard

“Version Theatre have revived it well” Kieron Quirke, Evening Standard

“James Copp does a fine job of direction” UK Theatre Network


Arnold WeskerConsidered one of the key figures in 20th Century drama, Wesker is the author of 42 plays including Chicken Soup with Barley, Roots, I’m Talking about Jerusalem, The Kitchen, Chips with Everything and Shylock, four volumes of short stories, two volumes of essays, a book on journalism, a children’s book, extensive journalism, poetry and other assorted writings. His plays have been translated into 17 languages, and performed worldwide. Version Theatre celebrates Arnold Wesker’s recent Knighthood and 75th birthday with the first major production of his classic play The Four Seasons in a decade.

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