Nuclear fallout – a disagreement between Nature and Man.

Trees are wrapped in cellophane, villages are buried and pets are slaughtered. It could so easily have been a folktale…but it was not. As Chernobyl smoulders, the local community must come to terms with what the disaster means – the destruction of a powerplant, or an entire system of values?

In this gripping new play, Warren Drew explores the 20th century’s most catastrophic technological disaster and examines exactly what it means to live in a world surrounded by a threat that you cannot see, hear, touch, smell or taste.

Directed by Jaclyn McLoughlin and with an acclaimed, ensemble cast, The Common Good is the third production from exciting new company, Inkling Media. Praised by renowned playwright Paul Sirett (author of The Big Life and Rat Pack Confidential) as evoking ‘a potent sense of place that really resonates’, this absorbing new play is sure to provoke and entertain as it cuts to the very heart of the notion of inexpensive progress.