The Art of Success

Nick Dear

Critically acclaimed Iceni launch their third dazzling
production after the huge sell-out successes of
‘Dutchman’ by LeRoi Jones and Berkoff’s ‘Kvetch’.

Artist William Hogarth, pursued by a murderess,
satisfies his cruder sexual desires with a whore
and becomes involved in a deadly spiral of
political intrigue and betrayal. This raw, bawdily
obscene play crackles with vibrant images of
Georgian London. Ten years of Hogarth’s life are
condensed into one single gin-fuelled night in this
outrageous and raucous comedy.

” …a romping and lubricious theatrical cartoon…the play grapples provocatively in political and social terrain..DearÕs language – robust, cynical and salacious – abounds in wit and vitality which
condemns and expresses the spirit of the age.”

Guardian on 1986 RSC Production
Nick Dear