Arcola Theatre and HighTide

The Sugar-Coated Bullets of the Bourgeoisie

Anders Lustgarten

Directed by: Steven Atkinson

“One day all foreigners will rely on China for everything. We’ll make everything for them, and they’ll come here in their millions. You’ll see.”

Decades after Communist revolution, China is transformed. What does it mean – and how does it feel?

For the first time since Lampedusa, award-winning playwright Anders Lustgarten (Shrapnel: 34 Fragments of a Massacre) and HighTide director Steven Atkinson (peddling) reunite for a breathtaking story about the makings of a superpower.

Based on almost a decade of study, The Sugar-Coated Bullets of the Bourgeoisie is an epic and timely new drama about people, power and possibility.

Post-show discussion
Tuesday 19 April: with economist Ha-Joon Chang and playwright Anders Lustgarten.
A co-production with HighTide
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