Ugly Sister Productions

The Story Project 5 – Fame, Fear & Fables

Have you heard the one about…
We bring you the breaking news from…
Once upon a time in…

Stories. They’re everywhere. All around us. Wrapped up in the very fabric of our lives. Ubiquitous.

10 writers and 10 directors have 10 minutes to spin you a yarn of modern times, a story to touch today, a story to charm you, or shock you, or teach you but most of all to entertain you.

A platform for the very best new talent to shine, The Story Project is back, creeping effortlessly around the theme of Fear, Fame and Fables.

One evening. 10 tales. A million possibilities.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

This year’s writers are: Sharon Clark, Kendall Feaver, Duncan Gates, Dan Green, Will Gore, Gareth Jandrell, Lee Mattinson, Alex Oates, Charlie Whitworth and Devawn Wilkinson


Saturday 19th October 3pm matinee

All tickets £10

Recommended for ages 15+