The Quest

Robert Holtom

Directed by: Vicky Olusanya

Arcola Queer Collective presents

The Quest

By Robert Holtom

Directed by Vicky Olusanya

1-6 Apr, 8:30pm


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“I really want a hero. One who lives in a world of magic. I want to see them on posters and in colouring books because I want to be saved from all this.”


Zemuel has been banished from his village in the Valley of Embers for bringing a monster to life. To return he must find and confront it.

Fred loves Lord of Rings, Lady Gaga and salad. He’s on his first Tinder date and everything’s going fine until his past catches up with him.   

Two stories. Two worlds. One quest.

The Quest is apart of Arcola Participation’s Festival, Creative/Disruption 19. See the full line-up of shows and special events here.