Maya Ellis presents

The Public Address

Stop and Search by Gabriel Gbadamosi opens the question of why a tactic aimed at policing drugs, violence, and terrorism has grown into a flashpoint for wider, and deeper, flaws in a volatile and frightened social psyche.

The Public Address looks to answer that question. Over two nights 21 new pieces will be brought to the stage, exploring the social ramifications of the policy from creative perspectives.

From spoken word to performance art and everything in between, The Public Address gives a platform for new voices.

Sunday 27th January | 7.30pm
Stop and Search by Tyreke Leslie
Orgreave by Thomas Ryalls
Manifestation of Total Fear in the Terror State by Mato Enki
Stop and Search by Yasmine Lever
Tired by Eissa Saeed
Duck-Off by Clare Campbell-Collins
White Gloves by Olu Alakija
I Love You Baby by Amy Guyler
Stop and Search by Conor White
Stop and Search by Natalie Mentash
SURGE by Chantelle Walker
Sunday 3rd February | 7.30pm
My Brothers by Meron Berhanu
Empty Your Pockets by Ella Rose
Hard Boarder by James Vincent
Stop and Search by Santana Savoury
IC3 by Papillon
You Owe Me by Eissa Saeed
Stop. Search. Me? by Becki Gauri
Monologue by Zeyana Yussuf
Black Skin by Claire Mills
Jeep by Topher Campbell