Fulham Opera

The Prometheus Revolution

Directed by: Sophie Gilpin

Star-crossed lovers, rebellion and revolution against the backdrop of a corrupt political class. What would you sacrifice for lasting peace?

Keith Burstein’s new opera is a ravishing vision of our society crossing beyond the threshold of war towards a new age of peace and mutual respect.

With society in meltdown, the Prime Minister and his wife have taken poison, two trillion pounds has gone missing from the City and the army is hovering to take control. Only the Prometheus Peace Movement stands between chaos and tyranny. Pinioned in the midst of all this the activists within the peace movement find themselves playing out the eternal myth of Prometheus, who took the fire from the Gods to give it to the mortals. But they too may pay a high price for their audacity.

In the centenary year of the end of World War 1, Fulham Opera present a melodic and intensely lyrical new opera of passion, power and high emotion, presenting a radical and challenging evocation of the moment Humanity takes charge of the world.

Shot through with pathos and ironic humour, this through-composed opera is a dark parable of hope, laced with the evocative sounds of vaudeville, Broadway and pop ballads – all conveyed by a score that speaks ‘from the heart, to the heart’.

World premiere

Live piano music, performed in English.