Arcola Participation Mental Health Company presents

The Pleasure of Your Bedlam

Based on 'The Changeling' by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley

Directed by Jessica McKenna
Dramaturgy by Avi Mendelson

‘You may hear what time of day it is: the chimes of Bedlam goes.’

Alibius runs the madhouse. He keeps his profitable inmates under lock and key, including his witty wife Isabella. Middleton and Rowley’s notorious Jacobean satire explores historic attitudes to mental health and questions who belongs in the madhouse. Watch as Arcola Participation’s Mental Health Company re-imagine the play’s themes in the 21st century and pose the question: have we made any progress?

Arcola Participation’s Mental Health Theatre Group aims to use theatre as a vehicle to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health. This inclusive and forward-thinking group explore how to stage issues theatrically, creating vital, engaging and thought-provoking shows. The group was created for those who are passionate about making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others and, through the presentation of their work, influence wider society’s perception of mental health. If you are interested in joining the company in future years, you can express your interest here.

Relaxed Performances
All performances for Creative Disruption will be relaxed, this means that you are free to move about, make noise and come and go during the show. Latecomers will be permitted – this might be at specific points in the performance agreed with the artists.  For more access info, visit our Access Page.