Pursued By a Bear and Tiny Dynamite (USA) in association with South Hill Park

The Lamellar Project

Grant Watson

Directed by: Helena Bell

Science fiction meets eco-activism in a gripping story of love and betrayal.

It is the near-future. The eco-system is under attack. Two scientists from either side of the Atlantic are thrown into a new kind of war that threatens to engulf the planet and tear their relationship apart.

Told using film, theatre and a live video link to Philadelphia, USA, this chilling international production explores the most pressing and crucial issues of contemporary global life – the consequences of climate change and the possible ramifications of genetic modification.

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Post-show discussion – Thursday 11 August
Led by celebrated environmentalist, former British Ambassador to the UN, and former Permanent Representative on the UN Security Council, Sir Crispin Tickell. He will be joined by international sustainability champion Jae Mather, Chair of the Bay Trust (live from Vancouver), Alistair Gould and members of the cast and creative team. The event is curated by the Bay Trust and will consider the important issues raised in the play: climate change, sustainability and the potential weaponisation of genetic modification.