Arcola 60+

The Insect Play

Directed by: Romana Flello

A new production based on The Insect Play by The Capek Brothers

“I’ll call you what I like, right? Butterfly, dung-beetle, ant. Man or insect, I’m not bothered.”

Humans have a hard life – from politics to personal relationships, from wealth to murder, from the richest king to the poorest pauper – we all have our issues, our woes, our loves and our hates. But what of the other trillions of inhabitants of this earth? Do insects have a class system? A political agenda? An understanding of the word ‘Love’? And what does this say about humankind, if ultimately we are no better than insects..?

In a new production, Arcola 60+ examines the political and social message of the Capek brothers, and how our world has (or hasn’t) changed.

Part of Arcola Creative Engagement Winter Festival 2014

Friday – Saturday 7.00pm

Saturday matinee 3.00pm

All tickets £6

Recommended for all ages

Please note that this performance contains course language