Lola-Rose Maxwell and Charlie Kemp present

The Improvised Play

A unique comedy play, entirely based on audience suggestions.

Theatre like no other! The audience decide the location, decade and title, then two of London’s most sought-after improvisers perform a play entirely made up on the spot.

Lola-Rose Maxwell (Starstruck, The Now Show, They Seem Nice) and Charlie Kemp (White Gold, Man Down, Austentatious) bring you ‘The Improvised Play’.

What would you like to see? A family drama set in a bank in the 80s? A political thriller in Miami in the 2060s? Or a farce on a piece of cheese in the 1600’s? Where, when and what it’s called is entirely up to you and completely different every night.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to see two of the most experienced and hilarious improvisers in the UK doing something truly original.

Content Warnings: Potentially Adult themes and swearing (it’s improvised…so also maybe not?).

“Lola and Charlie are hands-down the funniest improvised comedy performers in the country right now, and like all the greats they make it look totally effortless. I'm wild with envy.”Liz Kingsman (Creator of One Woman Show)

“Clear ideas, superbly executed.”Chortle (For Jacuzzi by The Free Association)