Yellow Earth


Christopher Marlowe

Directed by: Ng Choon Ping

A lowly shepherd rises to power – and conquers half the known world.

Tamburlaine is a breathtaking interrogation of power, masculinity and the limits of violence.

In his new adaptation for Yellow Earth theatre company, Ng Choon Ping directs a startling production with a British East Asian cast and live taiko drumming. Lourdes Faberes makes her Arcola debut as Tamburlaine.

As ‘strongman’ leaders exert their influence, and new power from the East asserts its growing dominance, Christopher Marlowe’s classic tale takes on a new urgency and relevance for our time.

“I mean to be a terror to the world”

Tamburlaine is supported by the Cockayne Foundation and the Foyle Foundation.

Please note: This production contains loud live drumming. If you need any further information, please contact the box office on 0207 503 1646 Monday – Saturday 12.30pm – 6pm.