Tom Collinson


Mark Watson headlines an evening of award-winning comedic short plays written by Tom Collinson.

Originally performed in venues in London and Edinburgh, Strands is a collection of stories reflecting on how we live today.

In a Box

Excluded from her school on the wrong side of the tracks, Joe and Anne’s niece, Ella, comes to stay…

In a Box was selected from over 600 entries to the Off Cut festival at Riverside Studios. It went on to win the panel award for Writing, the panel award for Best Ensemble, and the Overall Audience Award for Best Play, with the panel chaired by Moira Buffini.

A Victorian doctor sets out to find the source of an epidemic in an urban community. Can he save them, or himself?

Previously selected for Best of Slam Festival.

“Look around you. Nobody’s bald anymore. It’s not acceptable. That’s why they’re going to make it

illegal. So it never comes back. Ever”

Strands is set 30 years in the future on the eve of baldness being made illegal.

Commissioned by Little Pieces of Gold and performed at Theatre 503 as part of ‘Festopia’.

“I knew I was to be condemned by God when I switched my Amnesty International subscription to Netflix…”

A second generation Iranian man from Leeds, is forever changed by a visit to Tehran.

Selected for West Yorkshire Playhouse’s Furnace event. (Developed in collaboration with Arian Nik).

Three friends are asked to give feedback on a novel written by their friend – but it’s terrible.

Shortlisted by Little Pieces of Gold and Sheer Height Theatre’s ‘Women Redressed’ season.

Two people meet online during a heated discussion about animal cruelty.

Previously selected for Little Pieces of Gold and performed at the Park Theatre.

A partially deaf shopworker has devoted his life to the store.  Can his loyalty save his future?

Selected for the Comedian’s Theatre Company’s 10x10x10. Writers were asked to respond to the theme ’10’ and plays were performed at the Pleasance Attic in Edinburgh. ****Broadway Baby.