Arcola Theatre


Rabiah Hussain

Directed by: Richard Speir

“Yeah, but where are you really from?”

Safa and Aisha have been best friends for years. They used to bunk off school, revise for exams together and even went to the same university.

But now they’re forging different paths for the first time: Safa to work in the City, and Aisha to teach in Newham.

When London is attacked one day in July, Safa and Aisha feel the whole world spinning. As extremes from all sides take hold of the city, can their friendship survive the upheaval?

Spun is the exhilarating debut play from Rabiah Hussain. Seen through the eyes of two British Pakistani Muslim girls from East London, this funny and moving drama unravels the makings of a friendship, microaggressions in the city, and the challenge of keeping rooted through unstable times.


Q&A: British Asian women in the arts and media

Monday 9 July, after 8pm performance

Writer and broadcaster Yasmeen Khan hosts Rabiah Hussain with actors Humaira Iqbal and Aasiya Shah in a special panel discussion around narratives and representation of Asian women in the arts and media, where they will also share their experiences of opportunities and challenges across the creative industries.

Free for all same-day ticket holders