Spanish Golden Age: Flamenco Dance

Flamenco at Arocola Theatre programmed by Rowena Ritchie “La China”, teacher at Flamenco Arte Dance School and Escuela de Baile, and member of the Aire Flamenco dance company.
Flamenco Show – As part of the Arcola’s Spanish Golden age season, there will be live Flamenco in the bar provided by guitarist Angus “El Callao” and friends. Dancers will include La Maya, La Kati and dancers from Escuela de Baile and Flamenco Arte Dance School.


Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 14 January
Saturday 25 January, 15 February and 8 March at 10pm
Flamenco Workshops
£3 per session


Learn Flamenco from top teachers based in London, no previous flamenco dance experience needed. This workshop will give a taster of flamenco dance, fabulous frilltastic fun.


All ages welcome, whether aged 6 years or 66 years!
Flamenco Competition
Sunday 16 March
£5 entrance fee