SLAMinutes does Womens’ Mental Health

30 x writers, artists and performers of all varieties give you One Minute each on Women’s Mental Health!
SLAMinutes is a cabaret with a conscience, taking the issues that most need shouting from the rooftops and doing so with writers, performers and creatives of all kinds. We have the loudest voices, access to the stages and enough of us to be a social barometer of what is really going on …

We’ve got a lot on our plates, caring responsibilities, hormones, the cost of living, the power of thought and over-thought, we’re paid less and we care more. One in five of us have a mental health problem and I’d wager that 100% of us either want to or do help another that has. Our internal pots aren’t auto-refillable, but we will give and give and give. One thing we have got right is our ability to talk about it.