SLAMinutes does Mens’ Mental Health

SLAMinutes is a cabaret with a conscience, taking the issues that most need shouting from the rooftops and doing so with writers, performers and creatives of all kinds. A social barometer for what is really going on.

There will be 30 writers who identify as male or have loved and cared for someone who is to performing one minute on men’s mental health.

There’s a lot being carried on our shoulders and a collective identity that requires us to brave it out. One in eight men in the UK have a mental health condition, but how many talk about it. SLAMinutes would like to prove that it can be spoken about – loudly – it can be shared and used, powerfully: therapeutically for the artist, destigmatising for the audience, impacting change and raising money for charity.

Sharing experiences , as entertainingly as possible, whilst showing that no one is on their own in it.

SLAMinutes does Mens’ Mental Health has beern rescheduled from 27th August to the 10th September due to unforseen circumstances.