SLAM Soaps

Five writers have ten minutes each to impress you.

They’ll present the opening section of their next big thing. You’ll cast a vote for your favourite.

They’ll need to entertain your socks off, finish with a bang and leave the drum line of EastEnders ringing in your ears. Because only TWO of them will make it through to the following night.

Until the grand finale on Saturday 27 January: where those who made it the furthest will go head to head.

The WINNER will have their full play performed on the Arcola stage on Saturday 10 February.

Expect buzzers. Expect raucousness. And expect a corking show… not for the faint hearted.


The line-up of plays going for the crown will be:

Tuesday 23rd: Round 1
Jackal by Rebecca Robinson
Black Star by Max Saunders-Singers
I Had a Right to Know You by Rebecca Jones
Baby by Stephanie Silver
Weird by Lucy Burke

Wednesday 24th: Round 2
Little Echoes by Tom Powell
The Forest
by Dan Horrigan
Heroes We Could Be by Isabel Dixon
2 x Tuesday night winners

Thursday 25th: Round 3
Fixed Action Pattern by Francis Grin
Bromley Bedlam Bethlehem by Rachel Tookey
The Seven Funerals of Charlie Morris by Chris Neels
2 x Wednesday night winners

Friday 26th: Round 4
Farrago by Henry St Leger
The Open by Florence Bell
Estimated Waiting Time by Mark Lindow
2 x Thursday night winners

Saturday 27th: The Grand Final
The FIVE writers who received the MOST VOTES throughout the week will go head to head: presenting 20 minutes each. There can only be one winner, voted for by you. That winner will receive a full staging of their WHOLE piece.


Book to see the winning play in full on 10 February at SLAM Soaps: The Winner.


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