by Benjamin Davis

‘You know, we sit here on the edge of it, on the precipice, just waiting to fall. And when we do it will be a plunge into the deep dark, and our green island will be engulfed by the silver sea’.

The year is 2011. The Olympic Games are coming to a `regenerated` London. The Kyoto Protocol is about to expire. The Mayans think the end is nigh. As resources run dangerously low, a volatile and exaggerated climate teeters on the brink of chaos… Five stories unfold over five seasons. Two relationships on the brink of ruin. A man who knows too much. A woman who needs to know for certain. And two ravers who don’t know where or when they are. What will happen when New Year comes and the world changes beyond recognition?

by Benjamin DavisBenjamin Davis’ utopian vision of a dystopian future is based on work devised and developed by Lacuna Theatre Company. ‘Silverland’ mixes fantasy and reality, politics and mythology to form an epic whole. The piece makes extensive use of original photography by Charlie Koolhaas commissioned by the company.

“Critic’s Choice”, Time Out

Lacuna Theatre is a collective of multi-disciplinary artists who seek to create imaginative new work through a collaborative creative process. ‘Silverland’ is the company’s first major project.