Shortcuts 2005

Shortcuts 2005 was a free festival which took place for one week in May 2005. Eighteen different pieces of produced, and brought together new writers, directors, actors and designers.

Writers were matched with directors to work on new scripts, and theatre companies were invited to work with young designers and producers.

The resulting festival attracted a host of new people to the Arcola and provided a creative platform for new young artists.

Monday 23rd May

The Veronika Sessions

Adapted from a novel by Paulo Coehlo

Written by Rachel Wagstaff

Directed by Emma Serlin for the Hobbs Factory

Designed by Anna Jones

The End of the World

Written by Fintan O’Higgins

Directed by Amy Bonsall

Designed by Patrick

Sweeny Agonistes

Written by TS Eliot

Directed by Stewart Melton

Musical Direction by Espen Tjalve

Tuesday 24th May


Written by Eli Azuri

Directed by Giles Foreman

Grenzganger / Border Cases

Written by Martina Messing

Directed by Rebecca Tortora

Rainbow Conversations Three short plays

Written by Michael Ayers

Rainbow Conversations directed by Elina Manni

Dead Woman’s Music directed by Tom Cooper

Eclipsed directed by Sam Baldock

Wednesday 25th May

Sudden Silence

Written by Penny Black

Directed by Ellen Hughes

Designed by Ellan Parry

I want to be someone like someone else once was

Devised by Lacuna Theatre Company

Ordinary People Four short plays

Written by Richard Hardwick

Oyster directed by James Hammond

Upon the Roof directed by Dan Horrigan

No Problems directed by Kelly Wilkinson

Three Hard Blasts directed by Jonathan Loe

Thursday 26th May


Written and directed by Tim Street


Written by Katherine Knowles

Directed by Hannah Price

The Conversation of Another

Written and directed by Christopher Yandell

A Peasant of El Salvador

Written by Gould and Stearns

Adapted by Mick Fitzmaurice

Directed by Oliver Price

Friday 27th May

Triloquy: Three ten minute monologues

Written by John Grogan

Directed by Donnacadh O’Briain

The Prize performed by Catherine Cusack

Whatever performed by Denise Welch

Night Out performed by Peter Milne


Written by Dawn King

Directed by Vicky Jones


Written and directed by Toby Clarke