Shirley Grana & Zane Cihanovska

Short Film: CAIN

Victor De Almeida

Directed by: Victor De Almeida

Is there anything more haunting than death? For Cain, a 17 year old student, the murder of his friend has followed him since the tragic day in which he found her body. The film follows him and his struggle to move past her death and the events that led to it.

Using Abney Park Cemetery as a backdrop, ‘Cain’ is the tragic tale about the effect that death can have on the human psyche. Inspired by true events, it has the unique ability to recount the death of a teenager in three non-linear acts that interweave between imagination, reality and memory.

The short film, is produced by PhoenixWorksFilms, a fledgling film production company based in Dalston, Hackney who true to their ambitious founders, wanted to deliver a low-budget film without compromising on its cinematic quality.