Seven Deadly Sins

Bertold Brecht & Kurt Weill

Two sisters leave their starving family on the floodplains of the moon-lit Mississippi, and go in search of a decent wage. But from the seedy cabaret joints of an imaginary town to the glaring lights of Hollywood fame, the sisters’ quest for survival leads them deeper into moral decay.Bertold Brecht & Kurt Weill

Brecht and Weill’s epic masterpiece is a dark and ironic tale of suffering and redemption. First performed at the Theatre des Champs- Elysees in Paris on 7th June 1933, Seven Deadly Sins was the last collaboration by the creators of the Threepenny Opera, Mahogany and the Happy End.

This production is Rowe and Ergen’s second Weill collaboration, after their critically acclaimed Lost in Stars at the BAC
It has taken a company of 15 to shame the National and the RSC by doing their work for them..
Gary Rowe and Mehmet Ergen’s immensely moving production
Sheridan Morley – Herald Tribune on Lost in the Stars