Tin Cat Entertainment presents

Seriously Annoying

Written by Mark Thomas

Directed by Pooja Ghai

Mark Thomas returns to Arcola with a new show.

What does the man who has made his living annoying people do when the state starts to outlaw annoyance? Faced with a government being most uncivil with our civil liberties Mark takes a critical look at the Police Bill and the threat to protest and the right to strike. When statues have more legal protection than a living woman and demonstrations can be banned on a whim, where are spaces to thrive and dissent? Mark heads off with a placard and a head full of mischief in search of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to ask the simple question: Can he find a way to annoy the right people by doing the wrong thing at the right time and still keep his head above water?

★★★★ “heartfelt angry protest”The Guardian