Arcola Participation Women's Company

Second Person Narrative

Written by Jemma Kennedy

Directed by Madelaine Moore

Off you go then and best of luck. It’s bound to be different this time though some of it might seem familiar. Still, not to worry, it’s all a work-in-progress”

You’re born a girl. You grow up. You grow old. You die. But who is in control of your story? Can you actually choose your destiny? And how do you forge your own identity along the way? Presented by Arcola Women’s Company, Second Person Narrative captures a single character’s life, from birth to death, surrounded by voices who try to shape her and her narrative.

Arcola Participation’s Women’s Company is putting female stories centre stage. Open to any female-identifying person over 18, the Women’s Company focuses on creating work around the role of women in arts and culture, gender disparity, feminism and female empowerment. The company explores female identities through theatrical forms and collective voices. If you are interested in joining the company in future years, you can express your interest here.

Relaxed Performances
All performances for Creative Disruption will be relaxed, this means that you are free to move about, make noise and come and go during the show. Latecomers will be permitted – this might be at specific points in the performance agreed with the artists.  For more access info, visit our Access Page.